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Fri 21 June 2019

Addicted to Food follows eight eating disorder patients (both over and under eaters) at treatment facility Shades of Hope as they work to put the pieces of their lives back together. The focus of this series is not the weight loss, but the underlying struggles of their past that have prevented them from overcoming their food addiction. Tennie McCarty, Shades of Hope founder and therapist, works directly with each patient to help them face their past so they can take positive steps toward their future.

Addicted to Food - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2011-04-05

Addicted to Food - Addicted to Curry - Netflix

Addicted to Curry (華麗なる食卓, Karē naru Shokutaku) is a cooking manga series, containing full professional recipes for all dishes at the end of each chapter, written and illustrated by Kazuki Funatsu, published in Shueisha's Weekly Young Jump between 2001 and 2012. A sequel under the same name is currently in serialization. Due to its regularly included ecchi content the manga is seen as controversial by some people (sometimes marked as adult or mature in manga forums), and it cannot be marketed towards children and teenagers, as is common for many comedy comics in the West. Those are the likely reasons of the lack of wider publication or praise for this manga series in many countries, such as the UK or the USA (in opposite to other cooking manga such as Kitchen Princess or Yakitate Japan).

Addicted to Food - Main characters - Netflix

Makito Koenji (高円寺マキト, Kouenji Makito) Born on January 22 in Singapore to Japanese parents. The protagonist of the story whose life was saved by Sonezaki Souichiro. Sonezaki promised to tell Makito about the person he was looking for if he come to Ganesha curry restaurant, but when Makito arrives there he finds that Souichiro has left because business was doing badly. Makito decides to wait and repay Sonezaki by keeping open his restaurant. Makito can cook curry just like Souichiro. Makito, unlike Souichiro, strays away from the traditional idea of curry. By doing this, Makito attracts many customers and proves himself to be a shrewd cook. Makito prepares curry dishes quickly and easily. Makito also has a perverted side to him and often tries to peep and/or grope women. He sometimes watches Yui while she showers/dresses. He often has a seen with a stick of cinnamon in his mouth that makes it appear as if he is smoking, which he claims helps him stay calm and focused. He may have feelings for Yui. His father was a food critic who abandoned his mother for unknown reasons before his birth. After his mother's death in a car accident, he dreams of being a famous chef in hopes of confronting him and obtaining his notes from the time he spent with his mother, believing that they hold the key to replicating his mother's chicken curry, the only curry dish he is unable to make. He is defeated by Souichiro in a curry battle at the end of the first arc and decides to return to Osaka. He has since been working in a new restaurant and has, along with his new friends, roommates, and co-workers, become embroiled in a nationally televised cutthroat cooking competition known as Edible Fight. Yui Sonezaki (曽根崎結維, Sonezaki Yui) The daughter of Sonezaki Souichiro, born on October 10, 1985. She is a first year at Toritsu Shinnet High school and is in the kendou club. Yui is generally a nice, mild-mannered girl who will stop to feed any hungry animal she sees and even bring the animal home. She sometimes can be short tempered and fragile. Her father owns a curry restaurant, but when the business fails he goes to sharpen his cooking skills, leaving the restaurant to Yui. Despite the fact that her father abandoned her, Yui still loves him and his curry cooking. When Yui meets Makito she teams up with him to save the restaurant. She tries to help Makito as much as possible and comes to admire and respect his ways. She has feelings for Makito. She has recently travelled to Osaka in hopes of reuniting with Makito.

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