Floyd Around the Med - Netflix

Mon 24 June 2019

In Floyd Around the Med, lubricated with olive oil and liberally washed down with wine; Floyd, with frying pan in hand, embarks on a magical journey through the rich and varied cultures of the Mediterranean. Floyd explores the culture and lifestyles of the local people, meets with celebrities at major well known events and discovers the history, architecture and gastronomy of the Mediterranean.

Floyd Around the Med - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2000-01-05

Floyd Around the Med - Basilar skull fracture - Netflix

A basilar skull fracture is a break of a bone in the base of the skull. Symptoms may include bruising behind the ears, bruising around the eyes, or blood behind the ear drum. A cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak occurs in about 20% of cases and can result in fluid leaking from the nose or ear. Meningitis is a complication in about 14% of cases. Other complications include cranial nerve or blood vessel injury. They typically require a significant degree of trauma to occur. The break is of at least one of the following bones: temporal bone, occipital bone, sphenoid bone, frontal bone, or ethmoid bone. They are divided into anterior fossa, middle fossa, and poterior fossa fractures. Facial fractures often also occur. Diagnosis is typically by CT scan. Treatment is generally based on the injury to structures inside the head. Surgery may be done for a CSF leak that does not stop or an injury to a blood vessel or nerve. Preventative antibiotics are of unclear use. It occurs in about 12% of people with a severe head injury.

Floyd Around the Med - Management - Netflix

Evidence does not support the use of preventative antibiotics regardless of the presence of a cerebrospinal fluid leak.

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