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Sat 22 June 2019

Party Tricks chronicles Kate Ballard's campaign to become the next State Premier. A committed and rigorous politician, Kate's victory seems assured until a new opposition leader, popular television and radio personality David McLeod, is selected. As the drama unfolds, it is revealed that several years ago Kate and David had a secret, tumultuous affair. To the world at large, David and Kate offer a compelling battle of style versus substance, but a paranoid Kate fears that their complicated romantic history is a trump card waiting to be played. Played out on a grand scale, Party Tricks becomes a cat-and-mouse game which culminates in an election night finale.

Party Tricks - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2014-10-06

Party Tricks - List of KonoSuba characters - Netflix

The following is a list of characters that appear in the light novel series KonoSuba by Natsume Akatsuki and its various spinoffs.

Party Tricks - Devil King's generals - Netflix

The Devil King (魔王, Maō) is the main antagonist of the story, who aspires to destroy the humans. In a legend, he is described as being a talented, yet isolated, youth who defeated the previous Devil King and assumed his role.LN Ex. 2.E He has eight generals to serve him, all of whom must be defeated before one would attack his castle.LN 2.3.2 Verdia (ベルディア, Berudia) Voiced by: Hiroki Yasumoto (anime) Verdia is a dullahan and former knight.LN 1.3.5 He becomes hostile towards Kazuma's party after Megumin keeps using his castle for Explosion practice. He is weak against water and is defeated by Aqua's purifying magic.LN 1.4.6 Though he had a sense of honor from his knighthood days, he also had a tendency to roll his head underneath Wiz's skirt as she walked by.LN 2.3.2 Vanir (バニル, Baniru) Voiced by: Masakazu Nishida Vanir was one of the Devil King's generals who ends up taking over the management of Wiz's magic shop.LN 4.1.1 He is the devil of foresight and one of the dukes of hell, with the ability to read everything about anybody, but he cannot read anything about people that are as powerful as he is (the Devil King's generals and other dukes), people stronger than him (Aqua and other gods), and people who are a little weaker than him; these people have their readings clouded and incomplete. An exception to this is Kazuma, whose cunning nature makes him hard to read. He also has very powerful combat skills that he refuses to use on humans.LN 3.4.4 Planning to resign from his position as a boss,LN 3.E4 Vanir discovers a previously-cleared dungeon which he turns into his hideout, hoping to achieve his dream of tricking those who defeat him in battle into thinking there were riches inside a treasure chest, only to discover a piece of paper mocking them.LN 3.4.4 He is subsequently defeated by Megumin's Explosion spell and forms a second body to live in, moving to Axel and starts working at Wiz's shop.LN 3.E4 He holds a grudge against Aqua, who frequently attempts to purify him.LN 4.2.2 Hans (ハンス, Hansu) Voiced by: Kenjiro Tsuda (anime) Hans is a deadly poison slime variant type with the ability to devour anything, taking the form of those he devoured and a strong body of poison, which he uses in an attempt to destroy the hot springs.LN 4.5.4 Sylvia (シルヴィア, Shiruvia) Sylvia is a growth chimera with the ability to modify his own body. Though he takes the form of a woman, he retains his genitalia.LN 5.4.7 He attacks the home of the Crimson Demons, whom he despises due to their frequent usage of magic.LN 5.5.4 Wolbach (ウォルバク, Worubaku) The evil goddess of violence and sloth, Wolbach is worshiped by the Devil King's subordinates.LN 9.4.3 She uses her vast reserves of mana to cast Explosion magic on the Belzerg fort at the frontlines, then to teleport to safety. She was split into two entities, one of them humanoid, and the other is Chomusuke, Megumin's cat.LN 9.5.6 In the Explosions spin-off series, it is revealed Wolbach had saved a young Megumin from her other self by using Explosion magic, which inspired the Crimson Demon to learn the spell.LN Ex. 1.P

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