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Fri 21 June 2019

Dick is a rising young business executive who life is turned upside down when his younger brother Tom reenters his life. This wouldn't be too unusual, but Tom had died two years earlier in a boating accident and is now an apprentice angel always trying to help others, but frequently only makes things worse, which forces the young angel to call upon his earthly brother to sets things aright.

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: None minutes

Premier: 1965-09-17

The Smothers Brothers Show - The Smothers Brothers Play It Straight - Netflix

The Smothers Brothers Play It Straight was the ninth album by the Smothers Brothers (released February 15, 1966 on Mercury Records). As the title indicates, the folk comedy duo were singing the songs “straight” (well, “Almost”). Like the B-side of their second album, Two Sides of the Smothers Brothers, the recording was done in a studio instead of on stage. The album cover shows Tom standing with his guitar and Dick sitting on a stool with his bass lying behind him. There is also a chicken eating chicken-feed, which could be a representation of Frank, Tom's wagon pulling chicken who is discussed on Mom Always Liked You Best!.

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“Lark Day” (2:47) - Sung by Tom & Dick “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” (3:10) - Sung by Dick “Yesterday” (2:31) - Sung by Dick “Little Sacka Sugar” (1:54 ) - Sung by Tom “Someone to Talk My Troubles To” (3:11) - Sung by Tom & Dick “Wanderlove” (4:12) - Sung by Dick and written by Mason Williams, who performed it on his The Mason Williams Phonograph Record album “Hound Dog Blues” (2:41) - Sung and written by Tom “Down in the Valley” (3:58) - Sung by Tom & Dick, using their arrangement previously recorded on The Smothers Brothers at the Purple Onion “The Write of Songs” (2:41) - Sung by Dick “Silver Threads and Golden Needles” (2:25) - Sung by Tom “People Change” (2:43) - Sung by Dick “They Are Gone” (2:34) - Sung by Tom & Dick “Almost” (5:34) - Dick tries to sing it...

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